Characteristics of bulk carrier in hull arrangement

Issuing time:2023-08-08 11:50

Ship type features: single deck, single machine, single paddle, tail type.

Ore-bulk tanker (O-B-O vessel) : generally adopts double bottom, double sides, the middle is the ore or bulk cargo tank, and the two flanking tanks are divided into several oil tanks that can ship oil.

Large hatch bulk carrier: the width of the cargo hatch is 70% of the width of the ship, which is suitable for the combined transportation of bulk cargo and wood, steel, newsprint, containers, etc.

Bulk carry-car carrier: there is a gangway at the stern and a car lift in the cabin.

Shallow water and fertilizer large ship: large tonnage, shallow draft, Cb>0.8 ore carrier. The advantage of adopting tail-type engine room arrangement for bulk carriers is that the central square cargo hold can be obtained and the capacity utilization rate can be improved. Conducive to hatch layout, improve the efficiency of loading and unloading; It can shorten the length of shafting, reduce the cost, increase the cabin capacity and improve the propulsion efficiency. It is beneficial to the continuity and manufacturability of the structure, improve the longitudinal strength and the utilization rate of the material.

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